FEB.11.16: Beginner to Advanced Photo-Encaustic Painting at BINDERS Art School in Buckhead

FEB.11.16: “Masterpiece-Up” Your Photographs at BINDERS Art School in Buckhead |

photoencausticINSTRUCTOR: Penny Treese
February, 11, Thursday
1 Session | Price: $190 | Max.10
ARTZ21116 | Thursday, February 11th, 10:30-2:30
Supply Fee of $40 PAYABLE TO THE INSTRUCTOR at the time of the workshop.

“Masterpiece-Up” Your Photographs – Beginner to Advanced Photo-Encaustic Painting
Learn several of Penny’s unique techniques and secrets in manipulating images to create photo-encaustic paintings. Enhance your photographs by distressing with water, wine, found objects, steel wool, natural pigments and more. Explore printing and manipulating photos on translucent papers like mulberry, tissue, and other fine art papers. Your favorite photos, whether copied/printed from a family album, or from your iPhone on the beach will be saturated with natural beeswax to create luminous results enhancing your work’s visual narrative. Learn how layering, tearing or cutting your photo then reassembling, and applying washes can create a psychological depth to your carefully chosen images. Class includes a pre-workshop “image planning” session with the Penny via email or phone. Penny will guide you through choosing the best photos and appropriately printing them for this unique workshop.
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