MAY.05.16: Paint with Fire and Wax – Intermediate to Advanced Encaustic Painting

MAY.05.16: Paint with Fire and Wax –  Intermediate to Advanced Encaustic Painting


INSTRUCTOR: Penny Treese
1 Session | All Levels | Price: $190 | Max.10
May 5, 2016, 10:30-2:30

Paint with Fire and Wax –  Intermediate to Advanced Encaustic Painting

If you’re already addicted to the luscious layering of wax and empowering feeling of “painting with fire,” join Penny Treese in her advanced encaustic painting workshop and elevate your work to a new dimension. This intermediate to advanced workshop is designed to introduce a variety of new techniques, as well as beginning to open a dialogue involving the content of paintings. Moving beyond technique, we will delve into what inspires each artist, guiding them into creating successful works of encaustic art.

For more experienced encaustic painters, there’s an opportunity to enhance their practice with a variety of exciting techniques, and to begin to develop of a consistent body of work. Individual instruction aids in taking current work to a new level.

Techniques explored: Creating pigments-translucent to opaque in a range of hues and tones, scraping layers, accretion texture, oil paint washes, embedding/embossing objects, dripping and oil stick rubs, and creating a glass-like to raised textural surfaces.
SOME EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Intro to Encaustic Painting suggested.

About Penny
Themes of stillness, presence and reflection are revealed throughout Penny Treese’s paintings, in both her figurative work and sea/landscapes. The interplay of molten unbleached beeswax and lustrous pigment creates images of land and sea, sea and sky, body and figure as field. Using an iron to apply heat and delicate pressure, Treese transforms meticulously manipulated wax and paint. The work occupies a space, fluid between landscape and portraiture, the body as field.

With encaustic painting, Penny discovered an unrestricted way of working leading her far beyond her traditional instruction in the arts. Penny is a fine artist, who creates unique commissioned pieces and exhibits her abstract and photo-encaustic works in several galleries nationwide. She has taught internationally and currently instructs private workshops at her home studio and teaches within Binder’s, Garage Door Studios, Spruill Center for the Arts and has taught within The Art School of Sandy Springs, Callanwolde, Red Deer College-Canada, and Michael David’s Fine Arts Workshop & Atelier.
She has accepted and won awards in juried exhibitions. Paintings hang in numerous galleries and private and public collections.

This event takes place at our Buckhead store.

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