Intermediate to Advanced Encaustic Painting with Penny Treese

Intermediate to Advanced Encaustic Painting with Penny Treese


1 Session | Intermediate to Advanced | Price: $190 | Max. 8
ARTZ16117 |Thursday November 17th , 10:30am – 2:30pm

Once you’ve experienced the Zen of loosing yourself in creating luscious paintings with pigmented wax, you’ll likely want to continue your journey by learning more advanced techniques – or merely continue your initial delicious practice. Join Penny Treese in her intermediate to advanced encaustic painting workshop and elevate your work to new dimensions. This workshop is designed to introduce a variety of new techniques, as well as dialoguing about the content of paintings. Moving beyond technique, we will delve into what inspires each artist, guiding them into creating successful works of encaustic art.
Techniques explored: Applying translucent to opaque wax in a range of hues and tones to create layers, scraping to reveal, accretion texture, embedding/embossing objects, dripping and oil stick rubs, and creating a glass-like to raised textural surfaces and more.
SOME EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Intro to Photo-Encaustic Painting suggested.
Fee of $40 PAYABLE TO THE INSTRUCTOR at the time of the workshop.

Limit: 8 students

This event takes place at our Buckhead store.