Paintlove refugee art project

GoPaintLove, New American Pathways and Mclendon Elementary School artist volunteer Refugee Art Project


Spending this rainy afternoon with artist my daughter and Paint Love and the kids in the New American Pathways after school program at Mclendon Elementary School! The kids loved exploring different mediums and getting a little messy in the process!

Thank you to Paint Love for connecting artists and non-profits. These kids were spectacular!



MAR.18.16 to MAR.20.16: Open Art Retreats >Extensive Art Experience > relaxed setting, hospitality, beautiful, rejuvenation and expansion of the creative mind, spirit and soul


Decatur, GA: Penny Treese’s home studio
• March 18-20, 2016




Open Art Retreats 2016 Pricing
Decatur, GA:  $985 + supply fee : $85 (or BYO to waive fee) per person, per retreat.
Includes local fare and open bar.  Does not include travel or lodging.




Weekend retreats comprised of 3 powerful sessions where learning lives alongside rejuvenation and expansion of the creative mind, spirit and soul.


“I was so inspired by the beauty all around, all your gorgeous work, the perfect relaxed setting and your family’s hospitality.  It was a truly fulfilling weekend.  The photo-shoot was a lot of fun, Judy taught me things I’ve been wondering about for years.  It was great to have time to practice and then go over what worked and what didn’t.  I just found that the whole weekend went by in a flash…!! ~~~Tracey


Nov 14, 2014 – Healing Art Workshops – Blessing Hospital

After providing a demonstration and lecture at a Leadership Illinois conference this summer, Penny Treese was asked to provide two healing art workshops to cancer survivors and their caregivers for Blessing Hospital’s Cancer Center in Quincy, Illinois over the weekend of November 14, 2014. The event will be held at The State Room, an atmospheric, chic, historical theater space which has been graciously donated for this cause by it’s owner, Ruth Frese.

On Friday, Penny will guide the patients and caregivers in creating personal, moving encaustic artwork involving writing down their thoughts and feelings on watercolor paper. They will tear down the paper asthey meditate on destroying their written word and record of their emotions. The group will move outside into the November night and Penny will assist them in setting afire the torn pieces, allowing them to watch them burn and experience their thoughts rising through the smoke to the heavens and becoming part of the universe.

Saturday’s workshop will involve teaching Penny’s unique, well-known methods of photo-encaustic painting. The patients will bring in full or partial-body photos of themselves to deconstruct, then reconfigure onto a wooden panel, using beeswax to preserve. This will involve an intimate relationship with their photos which may then be torn, cut, sewn, or distressed with water, wine, coffee, or elements that have effected the patients’ bodies.

Penny hopes that these powerful workshops will aid in the emotional healing of the patients, their loved ones and caregivers and feels honored to take part in Blessing Hospital’s program. It is similar to the Paint Love volunteer program (in conjunction with Kate’s Club) that Penny and Kim McGill Stuart participated in earlier this year.

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Paint Love Volunteer Event at Kate’s Club

On May 4th myself and Kim McGill Stuart volunteered on the behalf of Paint Love for the benefit of the kids at Kate’s Club today.  The theme of the day was:

“I’m fine: leave me alone or am I?”
[avoiding loneliness and isolation, supporting one another]

Our mission was to use bees wax and melting crayon projects to encourage these kids to explore their emotions.

I walked the teens through exploring their emotions by writing down feelings, burning them then creating a work of art from those charred thoughts and molten beeswax.  Kim taught them to find their emotions through color selection/palette choice by using the method of using a heat gun to melt crayons on canvas.  The kids were amazing and open to the experience of exploring their loss through creation.

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Kate’s Club Art Day: Empowering Teens who have faced loss 

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