My work will be featured in ArtBlend‘s upcoming Fall Exhibition 2015: September 28 – December 7.

Magazine Release Party (I’ll be attending along with other artists): Saturday October 24th, 6 – 8 pm.

“The evening will feature the artworks from the exceptionally talented artists we currently represent. The gallery boasts an outstanding diversity in paintings, photography and sculpture by artists from around the world. You can encounter various mediums, subject, styles, colors, sizes and prices. The evening will have a complimentary wine & cheese serving and a custom made cake from Fabulous Cake Couture. The event is free, open to the public and plenty of parking.”

Fall Show BACK

Artblend Gallery and Magazine is now showcasing my works in Fort Lauderdale!!

Check out some more of the work I have hanging in Artblend‘s fine art gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Simply click on images to enlarge.) I am so honored to be featured in their international and prestigious publication.

“Themes of stillness, presence and reflection are revealed throughout Penny Treese’s paintings. The interplay of molten unbleached beeswax and vivid pigment beget images of land and sea, sea and sky. Using an iron to apply heat and delicate pressure, Treese transforms wax into warm waves of color flowing across wood or paper. Golds fade, blues burst, pinks evoke.”






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Garage Door Studio: Paint with Fire! Not Your Grandma’s Paint-by-Number Series

I’ve teamed up with Kim McGill Stuart to teach an exciting series of Wedenesday evening Fall classes in Avondale:


(^follow above link to register and see full list and descriptions^)

Dates/Times/Classes are selected Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9:30 PM as follows:

  • September 9: BURSTS OF COLOR
  • September 23: REVEALING LAYERS
  • October 21: ABSTRACT FLORAL
  • November 11: AUTUMN IN ABSTRACT
  • November 18: CHRISTMAS TREE

Location: Garage Door Studio @119 Center Street, Avondale Estates, GA, 30002 (<- map link)

Choose a few, or better yet, take all six! Tickets on sale now; spaces are limited.

Artblend Gallery and Magazine is now showcasing my works in Fort Lauderdale!!

I am so honored to be a part of this flourishing creative community, Artblend, an international magazine and prestigious fine art gallery, and wonderful support for artists. My work is available for purchase through their website:

“Hues you might find in an angel’s halo – magical, bright and hopeful… there is a foundational hope. A hope expressed in the truth that circumstances cannot touch true peace, that indeed ‘grace is sufficient.'”

Here are some of the pieces they have displaying: (click on each picture to enlarge)

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Artblend Gallery and Magazine is now showcasing my works in Fort Lauderdale!!

*Proud to announce becoming a listed artist @Artblend: (like them on FB!!)

*I am so excited about this! Take a look here>> Penny Treese Artblend Artist Page.

ArtBlend in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a prestigious international magazine, hosting many premium art fairs and trade shows, and boasts a wonderful world-class fine art gallery. This creative business is also available as a terrific event space to rent for any gala.

“We are a 6,200 square-foot business located near luxury resorts, million-dollar homes and yachts. Our gallery exists to present quality art in a superior environment, and to nurture the credibility and value of each artist… We know location is the key to creating a successful event and the place that you choose to hold your event has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere and the general feel in the room when it takes place.”

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this collective that is such a wonderful resource and support for fine artists everywhere. Any of my art they are displaying can be purchased through their website.

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Celebrating Moments of Wonder:

Liz Stubbs specializes in a marketing series for artists, (portraits, openings, etc).

She is based in Atlanta but will travel to clients.

“Liz Stubbs photographed my first solo art show and captured exactly what I’d envisioned, in her masterful shots. I met Liz in an art class almost a decade ago. Her photography skills are beyond reproach and her background in art makes each shot a masterpiece of light and expression.

I was graced with more comments/responses than I’ve ever received on a post after showcasing her candids of my interaction with guests at the exhibit. One viewer wrote under a particularly entrancing photo, “I wish there was a LOVE button (instead of ‘like’) on this photo!” I totally agree.

I LOVE Liz’s fly-on-the-wall style that allowed me to “do my thing” without noticing her presence, then gasp at the beauty of her candid shots of meaningful interactions with my guests as they inquired about the paintings or offered me a congratulatory hug or kiss. The light was perfect…faces, paintings, candles and even my business cards! I felt the gallery radiating positive energy and emanating a powerful glow, but I never imagined that it could be captured in photographs. Liz achieved it and I will hire her for every special occasion in my life. Thank you, Liz!” -Penny Treese


Now Showing: BLINK shop

BLINK, a new publication and online art resource has just published my work in their magazine and added me to their website!

Please visit here:

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Article PENNY TREESE | The Encaustic Art, the Female Form, and No Apologies

“Dark Self”. Life-size, printed on tracing paper, coated with a thin layer of natural beeswax. Won Best of Show by art critic, Bill Arnett

“Dark Self”. Life-size, printed on tracing paper, coated with a thin layer of natural beeswax. Won Best of Show by art critic, Bill Arnett

I found Penny Treese’s work in the course of an unusually fortuitous venture into Decatur’s Market Gallery a month or so ago,  whereupon I recognized her distinctive style from her series of encaustic figure pieces in No Apologies. Her name had somehow come up multiple times in the course of a week and I decided I should take it as a sign, so I contacted Penny Treese for an interview:

MC: I love the concept and method of creation behind your encaustic works, especially your encaustic figure pieces. I read your statement on the pieces on your website and was wondering if you could go into a little more detail about the connection between aging and beauty that your pieces express? Does the beauty in aging, in general and that which your encaustic figure pieces express, in any way come from the obscured-ness and fadedness that take over with age and make the subject of beauty more mysterious and up to interpretation?

PT: I agree with you, Maggie. With age, our faces/bodies become more obscure and faded, loosing definition with the reduction of collagen production. Distressing my figures allows the subject of beauty to appear more mysterious and up to interpretation. I wish we, as women, as a culture, could do the same. The body of work was birthed from a series of photographs taken by my husband, on our honeymoon. I’m forever grateful that there was a camera nearby to capture those intimate moments, so full of love and trust. I studied them for over 5 years, then finally decided to take them completely out of focus and hold them there, just before the form almost completely disappeared. The effect looks like the figure is being lit by a candle nearby.

After printing the photos on thin art paper, I was moved to drown them in water, douse them with red wine, rub them with salt, coffee and tea…elements and products that age my body. I worked over about 15-20 prints at once, attempting to stay free and loose in a subconscious state; in an automatic writing type of process. I spread them out all over the ground and dried them on various substrates…wood, glass, concrete…exposing them to the sun or hiding them in the dark. I think I became obsessed with experimenting with the photos; embracing the imperfections and laughing out loud and tearing them up as they wrinkled in the sunlight or faded under the water.

Like most women, I struggle with the way our culture treats aging as an evil to avoid. I’m sure I’ve distressed over a hundred prints. I love watching this female figure transform before my eyes, with wrinkles and age spots and tears, sometimes completely disintegrated —and that was moving as well.

MC: Are any of your pieces a form of emotional expression or catharsis? How much of your emotions and present state of mind are reflected in your work?

PT: Depending on the day, I’ll find myself inches away from the mirror, inspecting and criticizing every inch of my face and letting out a huge sigh…here we go. On other days, I will stay 10 feet of the mirror and squint my eyes at my body, emulating the out-of-focus effect that I use on my photographs. Those thoughts help force me into an acceptance of my imperfections by purposefully creating age marks and wrinkles in my artwork; by watching my form fade in the sun and water, becoming more beautiful than the original nude photographs. This helps me with the struggle to find beauty in aging.

My present state of mind will inform the outcome of my paintings and distressed photographs. If I’m feeling particularly critical that day, the images may get shredded or almost disintegrated by my hands and water, salt, wine, or coffee. At other times, I’ll feel a sense of peace and release of scrutiny as I watch the figure float underwater and develop “age spots”, which are gloriously beautiful…