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Ironing/Intermediate Techniques Encaustic Painting @ Spruill

Spruill Center for the Arts Ironing as an encaustic wax painting technique results in a unique and beautiful experience for the artist and the viewer. Surfaces can be created to emulate coral-thick and textural; or thin layers of pigmented, natural, unbleached beeswax can be fused to watercolor paper or wood surfaces revealing subtle, transparent layers […]

Encaustic 101 with Penny Treese @ Fountainhead

Explore the ancient technique of encaustic painting that has made a recent resurgence in popularity. Learn the basics of color-pigmenting molten beeswax, applying luscious layers to wood surfaces and heating with a blowtorch  to fuse and preserve the painting. ​Additionally, history and material safety will be covered, and several techniques will be demonstrated including layering, creating and […]